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Lottie Johnson

Wow, last night was soo good!


Chloe Littleton Which bit, the club, or afterwards?! ;)

Lottie Johnson Both!! :)

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Jake Parker


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See this face? This is my HAPPY face! (LOL!)


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Lottie Johnson

Too happy to sleep!


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Lottie Johnson

So happy :)


Louise Bates Looking forward to hearing all the gossip tomorrow!

Lottie Johnson I've got so much to tell you!

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Lottie Johnson

Usually I hate Mondays, but its not such a bad Monday morning today!


Chloe Littleton I can't imagine why ;)

Lottie Johnson :)

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Love riding at the front of a double decker bus on the top deck and pretending to drive!

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Chloe Littleton Lol weirdo! :p

Lottie Johnson

Why do we have so much homework to do? Its not fair! Plus I have to babysit my brother tonite, as mum has a work thing on.


Chloe Littleton But at least you've got Weds to look forward to!

Lottie Johnson Good point! Nick is being a real pain tho, he keeps wanting to look at my iSocialike page! Just cos he is too young to have one.

Chloe Littleton Just as well really, he might add you as a friend otherwise!

Lottie Johnson He might as well do as he keeps looking over my shoulder!

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Lottie Johnson

ARGH Nick is being really annoying! Keeps wanting to look at my iSocialike AND my phone!


Chloe Littleton Eugh what a pain! Hes always trying to steal your phone!!

Lottie Johnson Yeah he always wants to read my text messages :/ Or use my credit! Such a brat.

Chloe Littleton At least he must think your life is interesting enough that he wants to read whats going on!

Lottie Johnson Yeah spose. I just don’t want him reading stuff and then telling mum!

Chloe Littleton OMG yeah! Keep everything locked away! LOL

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Nick stole my phone and took a selfie! Getting my revenge by posting it here! >:p


Lottie Johnson

OMG countdown: 36 hours


Lottie Johnson

OMG 24 hours


Lottie Johnson

OMG 8 hours


Jamila Bello OMG Lottie! Get a grip!

Lottie Johnson :P

Lottie Johnson

OMG OMG 1 hour!

Chloe Littleton ×

OMG! I met this amazing guy tonight!

What?! When?!

After you left I was waiting for mum to pick me up, and he waited with me!

OMG!! Is he hot?!

So hot! Not like the boys at school! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

OMG! You know that guy from last night? He just sent me a friend request!

OMG! What are you doing to do?

Accept it of course!

Wow! How old is he?

18, but he only just turned 18 so he was allowed at the club last night. He actually looks a bit older though!

Did you see him in there?

I don't think so, but he must have been in there somewhere! Not sure how I missed him, hes really hot!!

Well it was kind of dark in there!

Jake sent me a message!

Oooh, what did he say?

He wanted to make sure I got back ok last night. He also asked if we can meet up!!!

OMG! What did you say?

I said yes of course!! He is soo nice, and so good looking! Hes really mature too. Nothing like the boys at school.

Yeah, well he is older so its not surprising! It is exciting though! Where are you going to meet? What will you do? Are you nervous?!

I'm not sure yet. Buy yes I am kind of nervous. But really excited too!!

You won't believe this! Jake just asked me to meet up on Weds! We are going to the rec. I am so excited, but I'm really nervous. What if he doesn't like me? What if he thinks I'm a silly little kid?

Eeek, thats so exciting! Why don't you glam up to look older?! I could do your eyeliner for you as I'm good at that!

That would be awesome! Thanks! Do you think its a date?

Yeah it must be?! What does your mum think?

OMG. I haven't told mum. Shes hardly here anyway!

Won't she ask who he is ok iSocialike?

Haha, no she doesn't use iSocialike! She doesn't have a clue!

Thats lucky!


OMG Jake messaged me earlier!

Yay! What did he say?

He made a joke about coming round, then he said something about me looking good in my school uniform!

That's a bit weird! But then a lot of older guys like girls in school uniform I've heard!

Lol its not like hes really old tho!

Yeah but still! Boys our age wouldn't say that.

I can't wait to see him. Hes being so flirty.

That's so cool. I can't believe youve got an older guy interested in you. I'm so jealous!!

Maybe I should see if he has a friend for you?! ;)

Sounds good!

Jake Parker ×

Hi babe, did you get home ok last night?

Yes. Thanks for waiting for me until my mum showed up.

Its fine :) What are you up to this weekend?

I have to look after my little brother as my mum is at work. How about you?

Not much really, will probably see some mates later. Hey maybe we could meet up sometime?

That would be fab.

Ok, I'll message you soon. It was great to meet you last night :)

Morning sleepy babe. How are you today?

I'm good, how are you?

I'm good. I've been thinking about you. Do you want to meet up on Wednesday?

Love to :) What time?

What time do you finish school?


Meet you in the rec at 4pm then?


See you then. I can't wait.

Hi Lottie, need some company tonight? ;)

Are you offering?!

Can I come round?

I would like you to, but I dont think mum would be happy as I'm babysitting. How are you?

Pretty good thanks, how about you?

I'm good, just a bit bored.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Weds.

Me too :)

Are you going to be wearing what you wore at the disco?!

LOL no, I'll be in my school uniform unfortunately. :/

Even better! ;)

My mums back, I've got to go. See you on Weds :)

Bye babes, can't wait to see you.