Lottie Johnson

Woke up really early this morning for some reason! Think its cos I'm happy. I even took mum a cup of tea in bed!


Chloe Littleton Did she ask you why you were being so nice?!?

Lottie Johnson Yeah, she was a bit suspicious! She thinks I want something!

Chloe Littleton Did you tell her about Jake?!?

Lottie Johnson Check your PMs!

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Lottie Johnson

Family time at last.


Louise Bates Did you see your dad too this weekend?

Lottie Johnson No I didn't. I haven't seen him for a while actually.He moved quite far away, so we don't see him much at all.

Louise Bates That's a shame.

Lottie Johnson Yeah, I guess. We never really got on that well anyway so I'm not too bothered. Brother misses him more though.

Louise Bates Poor little guy!

Lottie Johnson Yeah.

Lottie Johnson

Last minute homework time again!!

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Jamila Bello Oops!

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Jake ParkerLottie Johnson

Can't wait to see you later gorgeous xxxx

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Lottie Johnson Me neither! :) xxx

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Jake ParkerLottie Johnson

Sorry babe, I'm runnning a bit late. I'll be there in 5, please wait for me xxx


Lottie Johnson Of course I will! I'll be sitting on the bench by the coffee shop xxx

Jake Parker Ok great. PS I've got you another present xxx

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Lottie Johnson

Waiting for Jake. Its freezing! Hope he gets here soon.


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Enjoying spending time with my lovely boyfriend.


Louise Bates Aww you two look so good together!

Chloe Littleton I miss your face! I only ever see you at lunchtime at school at the moment.

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Jake ParkerLottie Johnson

Morning gorgeous, how are you today?


Lottie Johnson I'm good thanks. How are you?

Jake Parker Ok, but I'm missing you! Thinking of your pretty face and great bod! Have a good day at school xxx

Jamila Bello !!!

Jake ParkerLottie Johnson

Day dreaming about you xxxxx

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Lottie Johnson :) Thinking about you too xxx

Chloe LittletonLottie Johnson

Lottie! We haven't hung out in ages. Shall we do something at the weekend?


Lottie Johnson Sorry, I've been a bit tied up! ;) How about Sunday? I'm probably seeing Jake on Saturday...

Chloe Littleton Are you going to be busy every Sat from now on then?! Maybe its time we got to meet Jake?

Lottie Johnson I'll ask him.

Chloe Littleton ×

Taking this private as I don't want other people reading it!


I didn't tell mum about Jake. I don't want her to freak out about his age.

You should probaby tell her Lottie. She will probably find out some other way and then you'll get it! Hes only 4 years older, its not that bad.

How will she find out? As long as noone blabs it will be ok.

What about stuff online

She doesn't use that stuff. She doesn't know how to! And she never uses my computer either.

Ok, thats good then.

Yeah, I'm going to keep it secret for a bit. Jake suggested is as he thinks mum will think hes too old.

Hes probably right.

Yep. We'll just see how things go.

Does he talk about his mum and dad? What do you know about his friends?

He doesn't really talk about them. I think his friends went to uni so they moved away.

Sorry hun but Jake wants to spend Saturday together, just the two of us.

Oh thats a shame. Can we meet Sunday instead?

Jake is always busy Sundays. He plays football. Hes really in to it, he switches his phone off and everything! Hes in the Black Horse local league team.

Thats weird. My bro is on that team and I don't think he knows Jake :/

I might be wrong about the team name....I can't really remember!

Jake Parker ×

Had such a great time yesterday. I wish I could see more of you.

I did too. How about we meet up next week?

That wasn't quite what I mean't ;)

What did you mean then?

I meant that I wish I could see more of your body, if you know what I mean... ;)

Oh I see! *blushes*

So what do you say? Will you take some special pictures of yourself for me?

Hmm I'm not sure. I'd feel embarrassed. What if someone else saw them?

Theres nothing to be embarrassed about. You are beautiful. I just really want to see whats under your clothes.

Um, I'm not sure I'm ready...

Ok, thats ok, but I just wanted to tell you what I wanted... Shall we meet up next week then? Are you free after school on Tuesday?

Yes, I am. Where shall we meet?

How about the coffee shop round the corner from your school?

Yep ok, see you there about 4?

Perfect. Can't wait. Xxx

It was great seeing you today. I can't stop thinking about how cute you are. I really WANT you babes.

Aw that is really sweet! I had lots of fun today.

When can we get together again?

The weekend?

But that's ages way! :(

I know, but I can't risk staying out after school when mums not working as she will ask me where I've been.


I'm sorry :(

My friends really want to meet you. They have heard so much about you! Can we all hang out together on Sat?

Hmm I'm not sure. I like having you ALL to myself. Xx

Ok. Soon though?

Yeah maybe.

Was really nice chatting to you on the phone tonight. I like talking online, but I like hearing your voice better. I like seeing you EVEN BETTER! ;) xxx

Well you'll see me Saturday :)

I can't wait to be able to see you and touch you. I miss you. Sweet dreams baby, dream of me! ;) xxx

I will. Night night xxx

Jamila Bello ×

Youre seeing Jake after school again? Didn't you only see him at the weekend?

Yep but that was 3 whole days ago!

Well can we hang out sometime this week then? Or maybe at the weekend?

Of course! I can't do Saturday though as I'm seeing Jake.


Well he is my boyfriend. Of course I'm going to spend time with him!

I supose. See you in a bit.

Louise Bates ×

Looks like you had a great time with Jake after school! What did your mum say when you got home late?

Yeah we had loads of fun. He's so gorgeous. Mums out so she didn't know I came in late! Phew!

That's lucky!

Yeah I know, as I still haven't told her about him. Jake thinks its for the best, but I feel like I'm going to have to tell her sooner or later!

Lucky she doesn't use iSocialike then!

I know!