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Jake ParkerLottie Johnson

I really enjoyed our quicksnap session last night! You are so gorgeous! Xxxx


Chloe Littleton Woah, that sounds a bit dodgy!!! ;)

Lottie Johnson It wasn't! Honest! :P

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Popped to the shops and Jake got annoyed when I kept taking photos of him!

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Jamila Bello That's not very nice of him Lottie...

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BUT he bought me this to say sorry for being moody! I am such a lucky girl! :)


Jake Parker No, I'M the lucky one! :) xxxx

Jamila Bello :/

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So excited about having someone to send a valentines day card to!


Chloe Littleton Wonder who that could be to!? ;)

Jake Parker :)

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Jake ParkerLottie Johnson

Hi babe, sorry that we can't be together tomorrow. I've sent you something in the post though :) Hope you like it xxxx

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Lottie Johnson Thats ok. I know you have to do that family thing. Can't wait to see you at the weekend though xxxx

Jake ParkerLottie Johnson

Happy Valentine's day my gorgeous girlfriend. Hope you have a great day. xxxxx

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Lottie Johnson Happy valentines day! You are the sweetest guy ever. Thanks for my present, I love it! Xxx

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Look what I got from Jake for Valentine's day! I love it!


Louise Bates Wow!

Jake Parker Glad you like it babe. Can't wait to see you wear it xxxx

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Lottie Johnson

Mums can be so annoying and nosy.


Lottie Johnson

Feeling a bit down :(

Chloe Littleton ×

Taking this private as I don't want other people reading it!


I didn't tell mum about Jake. I don't want her to freak out about his age.

You should probaby tell her Lottie. She will probably find out some other way and then you'll get it! Hes only 4 years older, its not that bad.

How will she find out? As long as noone blabs it will be ok.

What about stuff online

She doesn't use that stuff. She doesn't know how to! And she never uses my computer either.

Ok, thats good then.

Yeah, I'm going to keep it secret for a bit. Jake suggested is as he thinks mum will think hes too old.

Hes probably right.

Yep. We'll just see how things go.

Does he talk about his mum and dad? What do you know about his friends?

He doesn't really talk about them. I think his friends went to uni so they moved away.

Sorry hun but Jake wants to spend Saturday together, just the two of us.

Oh thats a shame. Can we meet Sunday instead?

Jake is always busy Sundays. He plays football. Hes really in to it, he switches his phone off and everything! Hes in the Black Horse local league team.

Thats weird. My bro is on that team and I don't think he knows Jake :/

I might be wrong about the team name....I can't really remember!

Jake Parker ×

I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I mean really I can't wait. Can you send me some pics so I can see you right now?

I'm just on my way to school so I can't right now!

Ok. How about when you get home then, and you are getting changed out of your uniform? ;)

Hey babe, have you taken any special pics just for me yet?

No I've just got in from school.

Ok. Well when you get changed you can take some then. I want to see what you look like under your clothes ;) Send them to me via quicksnap as then they will be totally private. The message only lasts 10 seconds then gets deleted, so it will be for my eyes only. You are beautiful and I'm really missing you.

I'm not sure. I'll think about it.

Ok babe. Just don't think too long. I dont think I can wait!

Hey gorgeous, are you going to send me those pics? I'll send you one of me if that would help make you feel more comfortable? You know you can trust me right? I really care about you. And remember its just between us.

Did you get my pic? Did you like it? I really want to see you now.

Yes I got it. And yes, wow, I liked it. I'm just worried as I've never done this before.

Don't worry about a thing. I think you are amazing and I just really want to see some pics of you, that no one else has seen, as I'm really missing you xxxx

Sorry for putting that message up on your wall - I meant to send it privately. And now your friends have seen it.

No it ok. I like showing you off anyway! ;)

That's cool with me! I'll see you soon for lunch :) xxx

I just tried calling you but your phone was switched off :/ I just wanted to say wow, thanks so much for the card and present. Did you mean what you said in the card?

Of course baby. I love you. I wish I could see all of you today. Maybe you could send me a pic of you wearing the necklace I gave you....and nothing else xxxx

I love you too. Maybe when I am alone I'll take some pics Xxx

That would be amazing :) xxx

Hi handsome, how are you? My mum saw the necklace you sent me yesterday and she wanted to know who sent it. I couldn't think of a lie so I told her the truth. :/ I hope thats ok. She really wants to meet you. She asked if you could come round for dinner on Friday?

I don't know Lottie... I told you it was best if she didn't know about us.

I know you did, but I thought as we are serious now she needed to know. It will be much easier not having to keep a secret too. So will you come? I'm sure she will love you as much as I do xx

Ok, I'll be there.

Are you ok? You've been really quiet all day. Are you annoyed about meeting mum?

I'm not annoyed. I just don't know if it will work out. I feel a bit funny about it.

I'm sorry :(

Its ok. You can make up for it by sending me those pics you promised me on valentines day ;) I would love to see you wearing that neacklace I bought you. I bet you look great in it xxx

Ok. Shall I use quicksnap again?

Yep thats the safest way. Thanks babe, can't wait to see them xxx

You looked so amazing in those pics you sent last night babe. I went to bed dreaming of you xxx

I'm glad you liked them. I was nervous. When I sent them it came up with a message saying you had screenshotted them - why did you do that?

Relax! I just wanted to keep a copy of them so I could look at them whenever I want. I promise I won't show them to anyone else. I've password protected them on my computer.xx

Oh ok.

Louise Bates ×

Hey Lottie. How are things? I saw you had been quicksnapping with Jake, I hope you weren't doing anything dodgy!

Of course I wasn't!

I know he is older than us so I worry about you abit.

Theres nothing to worry about! Jake is amazing! I really like him. I think he likes me too!

That's great. :) But be careful Lottie. Don't get carried away.

Chloe Littleton ×

OMG! Did you see what Jake said on my post on Picturegram?!? He said he loves me!!! Do you think he means it or is he just joking around?

Wow thats so exciting!! He must mean it! He wouldn't say it otherwise! Specially not somewhere public like Picturegram.

He put it in the card too! :) :) :)

Eeek my mum saw the necklace that Jake sent to me and asked me who sent it!

OMG! What did you say???

I told her the truth. I thought that as me and Jake are serious now its about time.

Wow! What did she say?

She was pretty shocked. She didn't say much, but she wants to meet him!

Wow! Good luck!